What are you doing to save money and be more thrifty?

Postby Judy » Sun May 03, 2009 6:18 pm

What great ideas! I'm totally ditching the micro popcorn and investing in a popper, I love the idea of seasoning/flavoring up the popcorn too... mmmm... We are doing the weekly food planning and that's always a great budget (and time) saver... LOVE ALDIS!!! I need to incorporate more beans and rice, another good idea. I agree with Anna, staying in is my biggest budget saver! No temptations! We did invest in annual passes to Stone Mounain Park, it has great amenities and that really helps with family outings and it already being paid for really makes the trips even sweeter. We're conscious of packing our meals and not getting too sucked into the all the food places... we do splurge a bit... :oops: We do mostly cold washes too, I do use warm for my whites... I'm going to switch to vingegar for my rinse instead of using a fabric softner. I try to run my laundry at night in warmer weather to not compete with the a/c during the warmer months. We are huge water bottle freaks... I need to fix that.
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