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Roll Call?

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 8:30 am
by Tammy
Just curious who is still checking in here... I know I don't visit nearly as often as I'd like these days--and I catch up with many of you on Facebook instead, but I really hope PNM has more life in it yet. Missing the old days!

Leave a comment if you read this.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 11:01 am
by cathie
I'm here! I never did get the hang of posting pictures though. I think it is too bad this place has died out. I've gotten so many great pieces of advice over the years.

My dd is a freshman, ds1 is in his first year of middle school, and ds2 is in first grade.

Alec is such a handsome young man! Where did the time go? How are things at his school?

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 10:56 pm
by mobetsy
I still check in!

My boys are now 17 and 20. Stephen is in a year long fire academy program and happy as a clam; he also works part time and takes some additional community college courses. His hope is to become a paramedic, though if he was offered a firefighter job coming out of the academy next January, he'd take it. His girlfriend of 16 mos lives with us a lot of the time because we are a lot closer to her college than her mom's home; I love having another female in the household! Andrew is finishing up his sophomore year; he continues to play the bass, do wushu, and work out at the gym, and he's looking for a job. He took an engineering design class this year and loved it; he'll take the advanced course next year, and that may turn into a career interest for him, though it's fine if it doesn't. I'm doing well--surprised to be starting my 17th year in my current job as of next week--and dh is as well; we keep trying to work on the house, now including re-landscaping our front yard with CA natives.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2015 3:29 pm
by Linda
I still check in also.

Simon leaves in November for Navy boot camp (keeping it off FB for now) - about 2 weeks after he turns 24. He's currently working at WM as a meat dept manager

Cathleen just finished up her freshman year of high school

Annabelle just finished up 2nd grade

I'm a year out from my diabetes diagnosis - I lost 42 lbs but somehow managed to re-find about 10 of it. Hoping to get back on the weightloss band wagon this summer after some exercise setbacks this winter/spring.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2015 6:00 pm
by Esther
I check in but not regularly.

It is hard to believe my youngest will be a senior very soon, he just turned 17 this week. My oldest son Matt will graduate WVU next fall after student teaching next fall. He is living year round in Morgantown, WV and he has a summer job at Jimmy John's (sandwiches). My middle son Ryan just completed his second year of college. He no longer (alas) has a 4.0 average after this year, but he still has something like a 3.95. He's looking into doing the combined grad school/accounting track in the business school, his advisor told him that the junior year classes are the same either track and if he maintains a high gpa like he has, he will qualify for $$$ scholarships which will mostly pay for that 5th year. He would start taking grad school level classes along with his senior level classes.

One more year for empty nest. However, my youngest now is at age, while still a great kid, gives us the attitude, sighs and eye rolls. What a difference a few years make, my older boys are truly a joy to be around! There is a reason why Mother Nature created teenagers - so they leave the nest!

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2015 6:50 pm
by Tammy
So great to see at least a few people are checking in.

Cathie, Alec is still loving his school. I can hardly believe he's nearing the end of his second year in high school! Your babies aren't babies anymore either. (And incidentally, some of the best advice I've gotten here has come from the very people who have responded to this thread.)

Betsy, Alec has two classmates who are volunteer firefighters. I imagine they are more restricted in their duties than others due to age, but it seems that many people who are drawn to this field really have a passion for it. I've been especially impressed with Alec's buds' dedication. That is what I wish for for Alec most: to enjoy whatever he does immensely. Right now he's most interested in engineering. He's actually building his own tiny house as a school project.

I have been keeping busy with work (still writing) and family, as well as editing a book that three of the kids from Alec's school are writing as their multi-year project. I'm so proud of them for the work they are doing and feel privileged to be a part of it.

Linda, way to go on the weight loss! The extra 10 pounds that snuck back do not matter—it's all about attitude, and you have the right one. Congratulations to Simon regarding his new undertaking. My grandfather was a sailor, so the navy has always been my favorite branch of the service. Simon will be so handsome in his uniform.

Esther, your words about your older boys give me hope. Alec is the best kid *most* of the time, but we definitely have our share of eye rolling and sarcasm here as well. Seventeen is just one year older than Alec, but it sounds so much older to me—perhaps because that was when I began seeing myself as an adult. (Boy, was I wrong! :P )

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2015 6:40 am
by Tina
Hello! I also check in, but very infrequently. It seems that every time I do there are no new updates. As you know from FB we just returned from our vacation in Daytona. The highlight of that trip was meeting Wanda and Fred. They are both so nice and we all really enjoyed their company. We came home Wednesday because my mom had surgery on Thursday for aortic aneurysm. I can't believe how quickly they send patients home these days - she's 87 years old and they only kept her overnight :-/ So far she's doing well, but it's very painful.

My boys are doing great. As you know, Brett spend 4 months studying abroad. His time was split between Paris, Rome and Seville but he took many side trips to other cities and countries (Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Holand.) Such a great opportunity, and global experience will look good on his resume. He has made lifelong friendships with a great group of kids. I can't believe he's a senior already. Time sure flies. His major is Business Administration and he's minoring in Marketing. He's been through two interviews and is waiting to hear if he got a summer internship with the chamber of commerce doing PR/Marketing. It was down to him and one other person so we're keeping our fingers crossed. In the meantime he's on his third year interning at an Optical company. His current plans are to do the 5 year MBA program.

Sean is 15 years old, finishing up his Sophomore year, and is still Mr. Volunteer. As we speak he's getting ready for a 5k fundraiser that he's participating in to raise money for a local children's hospital. Next week he's volunteering to help out at the Special Olympics, and next month he's volunteering for a local championship golf tournament. This kid hates to sit still - and we are very proud of him. He continues to do very well in school and really enjoys it. Right now he's leaning toward a career in broadcasting, but we'll see if that changes. Oh and attitude and eye rolls? Yep! :roll:

Hubby and I are doing well. Plugging along and counting our time before retirement. We need to get Sean through high school before we can pin down an exact time, but it will definitely be sooner rather than later. We've been at our current employers (or spin offs) for 36 years - put a fork in us, we're done!

Love reading the updates from everyone. I think we should all be proud of the amazing young men and women that we are raising/have raised! <3

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2015 7:26 am
by Maelyn
I still wander in occasionally.

My 3 are crazy busy with activities. They are not done with school for another week so we are doubled up with things.

Cam will be a Senior next year and the college discussions are flying. No idea where he will go yet but a few options are on the table. Cost, location, major, and whether or not he get's accepted will be big factors in what happens a year from now. :eek: Right now he is triple booked with school, boys choir, and YETi (a new youth theater ensemble).

Tevel will be a Junior next year. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: He is doing really well and has matured a lot this year. He has to figure out how to make up 80 hours of volunteer time this summer now that he has matured enough to deal with the prospect so he can graduate HS... on top of completing the next 80 hours over the next two years for his Junior and Senior requirements.

Keefe is going into 8th grade... He's still singing with the boys choir, is totally enjoying his art and drawing classes and REALLY hoping he will graduate from speech therapy next year. Unfortunately as he's grown his apraxia has made it a challenge to adjust to all those physical changes in the body (like balance and voice changes).

David and I are plugging along through the copious activities and hanging on tight till we put Keefe on a plane to Spain on 6/4. Cam follows him on 6/13. And we are sending Tev to my parents house for a week while the other two are gone... so we'll get a small taste of empty nest.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2015 3:52 pm
by WorkingMomx3
Tammy - thanks for starting this post!

Betsy - Kudos to Stephen on volunteering as a fireman. The need for them hit home yesterday as a neighbors home burned down.

Linda - congrats to Simon and to you on your weight loss. Keep up the good work!

Esther - your boys (young men) are doing so well - it's great to hear about their (and your!) accomplishments.

Tina - I loved seeing Brett's pics

Maelyn - your boys are having so many wonderful experiences!

Can't remember who else posted and I have to make dinner - later!

So much happening! I love these catch up posts! I still come post my requests for advice (or vents) here since I often can't on Facebook.

Colin is 23 and is now in Cincinnati doing very well for himself. It's hard to believe he graduated from college 1-1/2 years ago! He spent last week flying around the east coast with his boss on the corporate jet and then Saturday at a fishing tournament with company clients. What a life!

Duncan is 17(just finishing up his junior year) and is still having bad luck. After his awful volleyball season with the coach telling him he was too inconsistent to play and then refusing to let him play JV - he was very depressed. The other boys even started shunning him because if the coach didn't like him, then they couldn't either. It was very bad. Thankfully his travel coach kept in contact with him and has tried to support him. He believes in Duncan.

Now he is dealing with the new pool manager from h@ll. They guy has never managed a pool. He's in his mid-30s with a family and has been the swim team booster president. Duncan misunderstood when he was asked if he wanted full-time or part time at the pool this summer (and so did a number of other guards). No one is full time - what the manager meant was this would be their primary job. When Duncan tried to address his mistake, the man told him too late - he would just have to earn the privilege of being "full-time". There are several 17-18 year old guards who have been bumped out and he has 15-yo female 1st year guards working over the more experienced guards. This kid just keeps running into all the winners in the world. I had to speak to the guy regarding the pool passes and he was just downright rude and didn't know the answers to my questions. Duncan is a sub at another pool and is putting applications in elsewhere.

Ian is 14 and finishing his freshman year. He's pretty much given up on musical theater. As much as he enjoyed it, he realized that he can't dive and do theater. Something had to go.

DH is STILL traveling - left for LA at lunch and will be back on Friday. He still HATES his job.

I am now puppy raising for an assistance dog group. We ahve an 8-month old standard poodle. This has been a GREAT thing for our family. The dog has provided such a calming and relaxing vibe to our house. He is so good for Duncan and DH. It will be very tough to see him go in a year or so.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:25 am
by Nancy
It is amazing to see how "old" our kids are now. Seems like just yesterday we were talking about diapers and starting school!!! I love hearing what everyone's kids are up to...

Jacob is almost 20 and did a year in school after graduation that he liked but his grades were terrible. So he's working - almost full time - at a local grocery store to build some work skills. He's at the point now he needs to figure out next steps. He still talks military but I just don't know about that.... He's still trying to find his "place" and that's hard for all of us. He's a good kid that just needs to figure out what his passion is.

Ben turns 18 the end of the month and just graduated from high school. He ended high school really well with good grades, good awards and the icing on the cake was winning the state 4x800 relay (and breaking a school record in the process). He's signed to run at Wofford College and is excited to start college. And I'm excited for him!

Ellie will be 15 the end of the month wrapped up a great freshman year. She started on varsity softball and basketball this year and did well. She's JV volleyball and while she doesn't love it, has fun with it so that's good. She's got great grades and such motivation. And for the most part is still really pleasant (unlike me at her age!)

Work is still good for me - I'm in a solid job with not a ton of pressure which is great. That plus a flexible schedule is all I could ask for. Jay continues to work the farm raising goats, chickens and Australian Shepherds. Never seems to be a lack of things he's working on.

Life is good in SC!

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:09 am
by Linda
Nancy - If it helps - it took SImon some time to settle on a direction in life. He graduated high school in 2010 and community college in 2012. He continued with his seasonal job for a while and finally got hired on at WM during a layoff from the seasonal - as part time seasonal maintenance (Oct 2013) He was laid off that Jan and then rehired a week later. That April he moved to the meat dept as permanent part-time. He went fulltime several months later and became meat dept manager at Thanksgiving 2014. He decided in Jan 2013 to start losing the weight so he could enlist. He says in some ways he wishes he had been able to go Navy right out of high school or community college but on the other hand, WM showed him that he has an interest and aptitude for logistics (which is what he'll be doing in the Navy - logistics specialist) so he's glad that he's had the life experience to pick a field he's pretty sure he'll enjoy and do well in.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:59 am
by RhondaS
Linda, God bless Simon, and God bless you. One of Ben's best friends just enlisted in the Marines, and while I'm really proud of him, it's going to be hard to see him go.

It's good to hear all the updates! I poke in once in a while, but I also miss this place. We're all doing good; Ryan graduated from college a year ago and is still living at home. He's a manager at Chipotle, which is not his career aspiration, but it's a job. His degree is in Digital Imaging and animation, which is not an easy field to break into. After a couple of years break with short hair, he is back to the long, but he pulls it off well. Long gone are the piercings, and the tattoos never did show up, so his dad is happy, lol. He's matured into such a good guy, I really hope he can find his break soon. Ben just finished his first year of college, and loved it. At the moment, he is a finance major, but I'm not sure that's going to stick. He just doesn't know what his passion is yet.

Sami just finished her junior year, so I'm not far from the empty nest. Despite all the drama girls bring, she's really fun to be around. She's giving up soccer next year to cheer football in addition to basketball. We need to start looking at colleges, but at the moment she has a sprained ankle and is in a boot, so visits are on hold. She's thinking interior design or design architecture.

Luke's been promoted at the hospital and continues to enjoy his job. I'm still at the family business and keeping track of everyone.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:31 pm
by mobetsy
Rhonda, I have to laugh about the piercings and tattoos. Andrew has his ears pierced and talks about tattoos, and Stephen is the one who tells him in no uncertain terms that it's a bad idea :P Stephen's point is that at 17 he had no idea what he wanted to do and now there are depts that wouldn't hire him if he had tattoos, so it would be foolish for Andrew to take that chance when he has no clue where he's headed occupationally. Kind of nice when a sibling takes care of pointing out the consequences of choices!

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:34 am
by erin
I am still here, I pop in fairly frequently hoping there is something going on. :)

Not too much going on at the moment other than preparing for school to start in August for me. That in itself is nerve racking and a huge stress, but it will all come together, I hope. I don't want to have to walk away from this chance.

Vincent finished his first year of college. He did fairly well. Not as well as I feel he should have, but it was better than most people so I can't complain too much.

Victor is finishing his sophomore year, he has done very well except one class and it makes me so unbelievably angry with him (F at the last progress report in AP world history) but everything else he is doing amazingly well at. I just hope he pulled that grade up by tomorrow as that is the last day of school.

Jacob is finishing his freshman year, he has done very well and he is getting the typical teen attitude. I know I should be excited, this is progress over this previous behaviors, but there are days I just want to pinch his head off.

Shane has 2 days left of kindergarten and it makes me want to cry. My baby is just growing up so fast, it is so sad and wonderful all at the same time.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:30 pm
by Esther
Just popping on here real quick - Erin - OMG - your boys! They have all grown up so much, esp Victor and Jacob. It's so nice to hear from everyone.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:00 pm
by erin
Thanks, yes the boys are all huge. I can't believe how time has flown. Vic wasn't even born when I met a lot of you. Now he's almost 16 and won't stop growing.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:34 am
by Esmeralda
I still pop in here but not as frequently as usual. It is nice to see some activity. Like Cathie, I never got the hang of posting pictures here, so you don't get to see changes in the kids. Sorry!

Joseph finished his first year of college at University of Cincinnati and did really well. He made the Dean's List, so this had me beyond thrilled as he struggled in high school to get B's. I guess he was really well prepared for college! He is home this summer working once again at Meijer Distribution Center. He does not enjoy the job, which is good because that means he will be going back to school! While he has matured in college, this summer has not been exactly stellar since he still thinks he should have those college freedoms when he is home. Apparently, it is too many questions if I ask him where he is going and who is with! He has not cut his hair since he left for college, but that doesn't bother me. He has no piercings and no tattoos (that I have seen).

Emma will be a senior next year and we have been looking at college. While she hasn't picked her school yet (we have been on 5 college visits), she has decided that Miami University (my alma mater) is her front runner at this moment. She is leaving for a mission trip to St. Louis next week and will be gone for 9 days. She is taking piano and flute lessons this summer, and will be first chair in the flute section next fall. I need to get outside and play tennis with her as she will be doing that in the fall as well. She is still a joy to be around, which is wonderful. We went through our tough time from 10-13, so I hope that is the end!

Eric's son Connor finished high school this past May and will go to Miami in the fall (another reason I would like Emma there -- two in one place). He is working about 8 hours a week, which IMO is not enough, and has way too much free time to run around. Between him and Joseph, it could be a very long summer! They both just want their freedom without any restrictions. I am pretty sure he is going on a mission trip, too, but haven't heard final details about that yet.

Logan will be starting high school this fall. He is not looking forward to Connor being gone, but he is looking forward to taking over his bedroom in the basement! He is leaving for a Mission Trip today. We have just begun to see some teenage attitude from him (mumbling under the breath about how awful the rules are), but nothing like the older boys! Or perhaps he was just having a moment, because it was one time. He is pleasant and easy going and loves my cooking, so what more could I ask for!

Eric and I are fine, both plugging away at our jobs. I am still running and have signed up for two half marathons. We are going on vacation with his family to Hilton Head in July. I am very much looking forward to that, but the bad side is that Emma is not going because it is band camp week. I am so bummed because band camp got moved from the week it usually is to our vacation week, and Emma decided to go there over vacation.

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:53 am
by Nancy
Thanks Linda - that does help. I know Jacob has always been on a different time/schedule than "normal". Glad to hear Simon is finding his way and that there is hope 8)

Erin - WOW on your boys!!! They have grown so much!!!

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 8:06 am
by Maelyn
Esme - Cam is looking at the University of Cincinnati. It is a long shot but apparently they have a good theater program there. any advice on the school from Joseph?

Re: Roll Call?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:45 pm
by AmyinPA
I'm still here too but not on a regular basis.

My DS will be a junior in college and is 20. My DD will be a junior in high school and is 16.